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Del Walters D.V.M/M.P.H , Owner

Owner, D.V.M,M.P.H

Education: Kansas State University, University of Kansas School of Medicine, MPH Degrees

Dr. Del Walters is a leader and a visionary who set the course for the veterinary practice. He continues to increase his medical knowledge by attending national conferences and seminars and as well as integrating the newest treatments and procedures.

He has dedicated many years to the health and well being of animals and to public health.

From the moment you walk through the door at Brookside Animal Hospital his professional team is waiting to give you and your pet the personal attention you need and deserve.

Dr. Walters continues to enjoy life, family and friends. When he is not working at the veterinary clinic he enjoys singing, playing the steel guitar, bass guitar, and lead rhythm guitar. He, along with his wife Lonna enjoy their animals at home. . Although he has strict guidelines to follow in his profession, you will also meet a compassionate person that takes his responsibilities to the animals and their owners to heart.

“Doc” Del and Lonna have one yorkie ( Diamond), French Bulldog ( Thor),  2 Rottweilers, ( Ruger and Rhor) two donkeys, hirses ( Woodchuck, Doll, Steam and Paisley along with and  6 cats that found there way into their hearts. In his early days, he has a fond memory of a pet steer he would often ride. Today he enjoys riding his horses. Recently removed one for a great cause around Houston for a team of people that have various disabilities to ride in events. It filled our hearts Moonshine could be of great service and receive lots of love and attention with them now.
Music was a big part of Dr. Walter’s life besides his passion for animals. He also enjoys giving back to the community and getting to know clients on a more personal level.

We encourage you to visit his musical events if you enjoy fellowship in country and gospel music that is played and performed by a wonderful and talented artists and vocalist.