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About Us

Veterinary Clinic, Hospital in Waxahachie,Tx

We are a veterinary clinic,hospital and boarding facility currently small animal. We are excited for growth and expansion to better serve our area. Staffed with excellent team members whom play a vital role in ensuring the hell and well being of your pet’s. Through technology, this website , office and pet portal we offer many ways of communication during business hours and after for access to your personal s health records. Our team is excited to inform you of our many services and look forward to establishing a lasting relationship with you and your pet’s.

We cuurently have two doctors taking appointments . Full time and part time. Dr. Walters and Dr. Summmers. Along with our team in the office which includes an LVT, CVA’s ¬†and assistant techs. Dr. Walters is the CEO of Brookside Animal Hospital and currently training management to a high level of professionalism to meet the demands of our expanding business. We dedicate that to our current clients and thank you for believing in our healthcare services.

Please take some time this get familiar with us and our website.

Contact us with your questions or schedule an appointment.