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Feb 18 2016

H3N2 Vaccination Boarding Requirements


H3N2 New Influenza Strain

In order to protect those that board their pets with us as well as help contain this new strain of canine influenza, contact us to make sure your pet has the new vaccination we have available. As a requirment to board here or keep your pet safe in public places we encourage you read information we have provided to educate you as to the importance of this vaccination.  Visit:

New Boarding Policy
We wanted to make all of our boarders aware of a new policy for your pet’s protection. Dr. Walters is requiring all dogs planning to board at our facility to be vaccinated for the NEW strain of canine influenza, the H3N2. The reason for the change is because we do have reports of this virus in Texas and Dr. Walters wants to make sure everyone is protected while they are here in the boarding facility, since this virus is highly contagious.
Please give us a call to schedule an appointment today to get your dog started on the two boosters needed for immunity. The ideal time to do this is BEFORE you board, well in advance, not the day of the boarding. If the dog is not current on the new influenza he/she will be boarded in our hospital area and not our kennel. In order for your dog to have more room while vacationing here, make sure they are current on the new influenza.

Again, this is for your dog’s protection. Rest assured we have your pet’s best interests at heart!

Important To Vaccinate

Important To Vaccinate

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